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a true teammate on caring and loving children, parents, and families
Promoting a holistic care for family
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Integrated assessment and therapy

We emphasize and promote comprehensive and integrated care.

Tailor made services

We can sit together to decide what services are needed.

Serve with heart

Every person wants to be heard and we are listening.

Happy Family


A person’s quality of life is greatly influenced by finance, work, health, wealth, personal safety, quality of the environment, emotional well-being, social relations. All these factors are found in the family. Family is the beginning of everything. The achievement of one’s quality of life, starting from his/her family function. For this achievement, parents need to optimize their role in the family. In optimizing their function, parent’s health condition is no less critical. Parents are also required to maintain their own and their children’s well-being.

In realizing a family with excellent quality, several components should be integrated. Kinderhütte exists as a health facility, encouraging comprehensive and integrated services. We are emphasizing and promoting a physically and mentally healthy family, to actualize a good family quality of life.



We place great emphasis on examining the client’s necessity, so we can design our services also under the clients’ needs to gain the right targeted results. Our assessment includes screening tests, ability tests, personality tests, and many other further examinations.


Our interventions are adjusted to the assessment result and the client’s needs. The standard interventions include psychological counseling and therapy, psychoeducation, training.

Research Innovation

Research & Innovation

We are focusing our research on the development of assessment and intervention methods.

We Are

We are driven by values

We maintain the synergy of intra- and interdisciplinary professions, as well as harmony in the community and other stakeholders

Let us sit together

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask about our services, proposals, company and psychologist profiles, and some other questions.